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What Can We Do for Caregivers?

Susan Weinstein, J.D.
Editor in Chief, Care for Your Mind

In this, our last post during Mental Health Month 2018, we look at caregivers – the people, often family members, who support their loved ones living with a mental health condition in getting and staying well. How can we address policies and practices that adversely affect a caregiver’s involvement, even when desired by the person in care?

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Mom and daughter with doctor

By Care for Your Mind, based on material from the
National Association of Social Workers

March has been National Social Work Month, prompting us to look at the vital role of social workers in improving our health and society.

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How Would You Fix Mental Health Care?


Susan Weinstein, J.D.

Imagine that the Congressional powers-that-be came to you and said, “We really have to fix the mental health care system. What should we do?” What would you say? Which issues would you prioritize?

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