About CFYM

What is Care for Your Mind™?

Care for Your Mind™ is a place where you and others affected by the mental health care system can openly discuss its strengths and weaknesses with thought leaders and advocates so that together we can build a solution that works.

Faced with events like the Newtown shooting and mental health challenges affecting many returning war Veterans, government officials are now urgently discussing mental health care delivery problems and feverishly debating policy changes that will profoundly impact each of us. Care for Your Mind™ provides you with diverse perspectives from policy makers, mental health experts, medical professionals, and health care reform advocates, along with personal experiences of people with mood disorders and their families. By learning about the issues and engaging in this dialogue, you will help increase everyone’s access to, and improve the quality of, mental health care in America.

Join the Care for Your Mind™ Community

Share your ideas, comment on blog posts, and submit your stories. By lending your voice to the Care for Your Mind™ community, you can help policymakers understand the realities of the mental health care system for individuals living with a mood disorder and their families.

Be prepared: you’re not going to agree with everything written here, and there will even be positions that DBSA and FFDA do not endorse. We hope you agree, though, that it’s important to include a variety of viewpoints in our quest for solutions to the problems of the mental health care system. Hearing your views, as well as the views of others, will make the conversation richer and increase our chances of building a mental health care system that works for all of us.

Share your ideas and experiences to shape the future of mental health care!

In addition to following the discussions and posting your opinions on Care for Your Mind™, you can also

  • Submit a story about challenges you’ve faced with the mental health care system
  • Suggest a topic idea that you’d like to see addressed
  • Sign up for the Care for Your Mind™ alerts to stay current on issues and events
  • Share favorite blog posts on your social media accounts
  • Request to become an expert presenter on Care for Your Mind™

Mission of Care for Your Mind™

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) and Families for Depression Awareness (FFDA) developed the Care for Your Mind™ community to engage our constituencies in the critical discussions and decisions about mental health care. Care for Your Mind™ allows FFDA and DBSA to initiate and facilitate active dialogue about emerging policies and regulations that will determine the availability and quality of mental health care services to people with mood disorders and their families. Learn more about FFDA and DBSA.

Join the Care for Your Mind™ conversation and help build a mental health care system that works.

Special Thanks

DBSA & FFDA acknowledge and thank the Takeda-Lundbeck Alliance for supporting the development of careforyourmind.familyaware.org.

The Takeda Lundbeck Alliance’s involvement in Care for Your Mind (CFYM) is solely as a financial supporter. The Takeda-Lundbeck Alliance was not, and is not, involved in the organizing of CFYM, creation of the content on careforyourmind.familyaware.org, or content or development of enduring materials created for or related to CFYM.